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About us

Plants by Siri
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Siri van Gruen

Co-Founder - Communications

Siri is a plant enthusiast. She is happiest outside with her hands in the dirt. She loves to encourage people to get interested in gardening and farming. She works for a non-profit organization doing Seed Security work. In her spare time she runs the communications and marketing side of Plants by Siri.

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Ola Reimudr

Co-Founder - Creator

Ola is the creative side of Plants by Siri. She is happiest in her workshop crafting beautiful masterpieces. She is a creator at heart and an incredible woodworker, painter, and leatherworker. Ola draws her inspiration from the great outdoors. She loves to spend time connected to nature, observing the patterns of growth. In her spare time you can find Ola hooping nearby a body of water. 

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