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Riding the wave

Information flies into my brain like the speed I gag on flies during a fast bike ride. There are so many opinions on there on everything - it can be hard to navigate it all I find what you believe in. One that

s been bothering me lately 'hustle culture' and 'anti-hustle culture'. There's that tikt ok song 'that goes it's about drive, it's about power, we stay humble, we devour, put in the work, put in the hours and take what's ours'. There's something that feels wrong about this 'we devour' like why can't we take what we need and share the rest, also all this time (put in the hours) spent trying to take what's mine, feels a little extra. However some people have to hustle to manage. I was reading a message from Bell Hooks, who recently passed, bless her soul. She said when she decided to switch to writing people told her she wouldn't make more than 20,000 - 30,000 K a year to which she replied families live off that, and they said well that's different, the 'poor' have different standards of living, which is complete bullshit. Everyone deserves a break. However I'm not against working hard and being production in fact being productive can help me feel like a better human being. Of course balance is key, there's this creator I've seen who chants 'create, create, create, it's not up for debate, open business, offer service, you know it's not too late'. Personally I love this, it has other verses too that are less about business as well. To me 'offer service' feels like your helping others which is awesome and the chant 'create create create' is so powerful in a society where we 'consume consume consume'. There is also room to be creative without commodification, just for the joy of creating itself. While I love being crafty, I haven't been as creative lately. I've gotten myself to plunk the keys of my piano on the regular but there's been no new songs or striking art work. I did recently sew my name in beads onto a vest, looks super dope now so that's cool. I'm just now realizing that the whole point of me writing this article was to share a technique while perhaps part of 'hustle culture' but something I've found of value, repeating things at the same time or place regularly. Yesterday I sat in the dark of my room late at night and tapped away on my laptop into this blog so today when I got into bed I naturally did the same thing. My morning have always been very routinized but my evenings not so much, time to make time for an evening routine. I've been reading 'Atomic Habits' which really encourage repeating habits based on time and place, many of these ideas I've used before in my life but the book does sum it up nicely. Also it's been giving me good ideas, maybe I should write a book review after I'm finished with it. Who knows, could start doing that with a lot of books, all sorts of books, I warned you this blog would be chaotic, just like my brain. Who knows what I'll do next.

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