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Seattle Trip 2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

As I said, this blog will be all over the place while I get comfortable with blogging. Before I get into the Seattle Trip, I'd like to acknowledge the Duwamish people the original inhabitants of the territory.

After crossing the border our first stop was the University of Washington, the architecture was exquisite. However, they missed out on a great alliteration, they could have been the Washington Wolves instead of the Washington Huskies, very similar animals so maybe they will realize their errors and make the change. We walked through the University District to see what's up till driving over to Dick's for a quick American fast food indulgence before heading downtown.

We stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel, which I cannot recommend enough. This hostel was in a prime location, right in front of the Pike Place market. The hostel had free breakfast, wi-fi, good security, and nice rooms. We slept in a Queen bunk bed for under 125$ for 2 nights for the both of us. Upon arriving, we took a stroll through Pike Place Market and had a couple beers before running off to Madame Lou's at the Crocodile for a Floaters concert. Since the pandemic, I haven't had the chance to go to many shows so I was ecstatic to be there. We chose a fantastic spot to stand, completely by accident, we ended up right in front of the lead singer. I am a newly converted fan, dancing among the Seattleites felt like home and my neck is still sore from head banging! After the concert, we went back to the hostel, enjoyed some free tea and walked a few minutes to get to Japonessa Sushi Cocina. The food was to die for, we had a delicious tempura brie with a raspberry sauce that was decadent, gooey, and delicious. We also split the Spicy Seattle roll (salmon) and the Spicy Tuna roll, both heavenly. Drowned it down with a couple Sapporo's and a mixed drink to finish off the night.

Day two started at the Seattle Aquarium. Beautiful aquarium with lot's of interesting sea creatures to look at, a funky glass ring with jelly fish, a touch zone, and an area with sea mammals. We spent most of our time watching the cute sea otters swimming around and munching on ice. I felt a little bad for one of the seals, their tank was getting upgraded so they were moved into a smaller tank, at least it's only temporary and they will have more space soon. We walked over to the carousel but I forced us on a detour to a Antique shop across the road where I bought some funky coloured 90's pants, no regrets, we can save the carousel for next time. We then made our way to the Space Needle for noon. The Space Needle was excellent, I enjoyed it more than any other tall tourist building I've been up (including the emperor state building!). Despite being built in the 90's it is incredibly modern and futuristic. Our CityPass included a second night trip up the Space Needle which was fantastic! We enjoyed a fancy glass of rose at the top while enjoying each others company and the glimmering city lights.

Another highlight for me was the Chihuly museum, I cannot express enough the beauty of the intricacies of glass design. This museum was extremely well curated, with a poster explaining the concept and techniques of each room and perfect lighting to illuminate the glass at just the right angle. Comparatively the Museum of Pop Culture had a bit to be desired, while I still enjoyed it, I think it could have been curated better given all the neat pop artifacts they had. The Kurt Cobain exhibit was my favourite, short and sweet with a story, my kind of exhibit. On our way back to Canada we stopped by to look at Kurt Cobains house and park which was very neat and a nice way to end the trip. We drove back into Canada jamming to the grunge sounds of Nirvana and Pearl Jam celebrating Seattle one last time. The Jimi Hendrix exhibit was also excellent, I loved seeing his performance outfits and accessories. If I could dress half as cool as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain I would be a fashion icon.

Our second evening, involved eating empanadas at Pike Place market while watching the sunset followed by a 2 hour nap to prepare us for the evening trip up the Space Needle and finally stroll into Pioneer Square. As it was a Sunday, we didn't get the full experience of what the Pioneer Square has to offer but we still had fun. We first played some pool at Temple Billiards and enjoyed a late night pizza snack. After closing at midnight we hit up some other nearby bar for a few beers.

We started our last day in Seattle with an Argosy harbour cruise, a perfect was to start a hung over lazy morning. Afterwards we took the monorail to Seattle Centre to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass. We hit up some stores for some souvenirs nearby the Seattle Centre then headed down to the water again for a seafood lunch at Anthonys, they were out of the salmon chowder which I was really pumped but I settled for a cod burger which was still good.

Overall, the trip was fantastic and I'm so thankful we were able to squeeze it in before the new lockdown restrictions from the spreading of the Omicron variant. There is so much to discover in Seattle and I can't wait to go back and dive deep. I would highly recommend the CityPass for any first time visitor like us, it was a cheaper way for us to experience many tourist attractions throughout the city and makes you feel like you're spending less money on the trip as it's prepaid. The CityPass comes with a day + night trip up the Space needle, a ticket to the Seattle Aquarium, and a choice 3 of the following: Argosy harbour cruise, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of Pop Culture, and the Woodland Park zoo.


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